What if Love Live was an ecchi series?

Every now and then, I watch non lewd shows. Shocking right? Sometimes I understand why they don’t want ecchi content in their series, but other times I feel that a few peeks at the lead girl’s cute undies in a non ecchi show might be just what it needs to spice things up!


Better yet, what if we went and turned a clean show into a full blown ecchi series with pantyshots galore? In this new series, I’ll explore it might be like if certain shows went that one step further. Now I’m not saying they aren’t fine enough as they are, I’m just doing this for fun. In fact, I’m starting off with a show I actually quite like. But at the same time, it’s a show where I feel the animators are holding back just a little.

Show me the panties

Okay, now let’s get this straight… you know the animators wanted to in this scene. You know they wanted to give us a nice big glimpse of Chika’s panties.


It’s even implied here that You and Riko saw Chika’s panties! So how would I propose changing this scene? Simple, just show us from Riko and You’s point of view! The slow motion can be kept, but instead of the skirt unrealistically covering her panties, have it totally flip and fully expose her panties! Maybe even throw in a little scene where Riko and You playfully joke about Chika’s adorable panties while she gets embarrassed about it.

If you’re still not totally convinced the Love Live animators wanted to do pantyshots, here’s Exhibit B.


Unfortunately, I have to report that this is a swimsuit. Still, you can tell there’s a lot of love put into this. The way her skirt slips off realistically, how her bare legs look, the way that the camera covers her up to make it look almost like panties, the little bit of butt you can see, it’s like something straight out of an ecchi series! So how do we ecchi it up some more? Well let’s say that she pulls down her skirt and sees some white cotton instead of her swimsuit. Then the camera shows us that Chika is watching! And she’s staring directly at her pantsu butt. After the camera gives us a few more shots of her panties, we see that Riko has gone bright red! What an embarrassingly adorable first meeting that would be.

And it doesn’t even stop there…


Yep! That’s Chika staring directly at Riko’s panties! No ambiguity there. How do you change this scene? Simple! Just change the angle. Also, make sure that Riko has a super adorable pair on that butt of her’s.

And in case you needed more proof that the animators want to put pantyshots in the show, just look at how Dia’s swimsuit flutters during the beach episode.


You can tell the animators wanna put in some panties, so why not give them free reign? Better yet, why not encourage them to do more? Make the skirts shorter, angle the camera so there’s a nice glimpse of that white fabric in almost every frame, draw super detailed panties that perfectly show off the butts and crotches of every girl. Maybe even have some gusts of wind to force the skirts up for an embarrassing moment.

Why stop there? Throw in some changing room scenes where you can see their bra and panties. Have Chika trip and expose her panties to the whole school after a concert, leading to an uncharacteristic moment of embarrassment. Have scenes where their skirts fall off and their panties are fully exposed. Give each girl a signature pair of panties, or maybe just give them all matching plain white undies.

Love Live is one of the most adorable shows out there, so why not throw in some equally adorable pantyshots? To make up for the lack of pantyshots in the series, why not have so many pantyshots that it crosses over into the ecchi tag? Personally, I’d absolutely pay to see that.

And yes, as you may have noticed, there are not many pantsu images in this article. There’s no official art of the Sunshine girls in their panties as far as I know. However… there IS official art of Honoka in her panties!

Image result for アニメ おっぱい 設定

So adorable! Look at that blush. Honoka showed us her panties, so now it’s your move Chika!


Best Anime Pantyshot Moments – Nekomimi Maid Pantsu from NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Among Them!

The best pantyshots  are the ones where the girl definitely didn’t want you to see her panties. It really adds to that feeling that the pantsu on her butt is a forbidden site that you weren’t mean to see. Which is really exciting! Not to mention there’s nothing cuter than a blushing girl with her panties exposed.

36b55461ace1337d7357a6a7aafbc81f (1)

One ecchi series with a pretty healthy serving of pantsu is NakaImo. Not Rosario+Vampire or Ikkitousen levels of pantyservice, but still a pretty decent amount of cuties in adorable undies.


The most prominent cutie in this show is Konoe Tsuruma, who always manages to get herself in embarrassing situations, often leading to her panties being shown to the audience. Here she finds herself as a nekomimi maid with robotic ears and a tail and respond to her emotions. She’s super cute isn’t she?


Miyabi teases her about it, saying that a nerdy honour student isn’t capable of being a waitress. She responds the challenge by walking up to Miyabi…


And flashing her panties. Not sure that quite went to plan, but it’s a real treat for pantsu fans.


Upon realising this, Tsuruma quickly moves to cover up her embarrassing white undies


Buut it’s too late! Everyone saw them. Not only the audience, but the boy you’re crushing on and the girl you’re trying to prove yourself too. Miyabi has already soundly beat you in this fight Konoe, there’s no question about that. Judging by her facial expression, I think she enjoys looking at them just as much as the boys do.


Not only do we get confirmation that our lead is staring intently at her panties, but the audience gets a lovely closeup while her tail holds up the skirt for us.

Her panties are pure white! A perfect fit for her. They look so soft and comfy bringing out the shape of her butt and crotch very nicely. Look on the bright side Konoe. We all saw your panties, but at least you’re wearing a cute pair.


Even when she tries to keep it down with her hands, Konoe is so embarassed that her tail won’t budge. More time to stare at her panties! She really does have a great butt, and her white panties really bring out the fullness of it. Not to mention the pure white panties are a great match for her pink maid dress.

Konoe still doesn’t realise that everyone saw them though. But when she does, she goes bright red. So embarrassing! But so cute too.


When she turns around to complain about the design, we get a nice brief look at Mei’s panties. They’re pretty cute too huh? They even have matching colours.


Miyabi, having enjoyed the view more than anyone else, walks off making a joke about ‘Tsuruma’s naughty panties’.


She shouts back, ‘My panties are not naughty!’. But she just ends up embarrassing herself more by giving her crush and the audience yet another pantyflash.


Can’t cover it up Konoe! We saw them. And they were super cute!

Oh, and don’t worry. You do get to see her panties more.


Don’t worry though Miyabi, Konoe still has you beat in a number of other areas as this adorable pic of you two in nothing but your panties shows.


You even gave us an embarrassing pantyshot yourself Miyabi! How cute of you.


That’s all for this edition of Best Anime Pantyshot moments. Tell me down in the comments what some of your favourites are, and follow me on Twitter @Lewdposting

Until next time!

Best Pantyshot Moments in Anime – Kou Yagami from New Game!

Sometimes you come across a show that hasn’t got any sort of ecchi tag. But at the same time, the amount of pantyshots almost justifies having one. New Game doesn’t quite fit the bill of an ecchi series, but I can say one thing. New Game is a pantyshot anime.


If ‘pantsu’ was a genre tag this show has more than enough to fit the bill. Okay, so the show has a lot more going on than girl’s underwear, But New Game is still a top tier pantsu anime. Most of it being provided by Kou Yagami, a hugely talented 25 year old game designer who… likes to sleep in her panties in the office.

Image result for ko yagami pantsu

So anyway, new hire and lead character Aoba walks into the office on her first day of work. And let’s just say she got more than she bargained for.

Wait for it….

Boom! Pantyshot. Kou’s panties are on full display! And gee, what a great butt. Kou has on a pair of white panties with a light blue tint. First of all, they’re super cute! But they also look incredibly comfy. They’re a nice snug fit on her adorable booty, so much so that you can almost feel them. It’s really no wonder why she loves sleeping in them, it must feel so liberating to take off her pants at the end of a hard work day and give the panties she had on all day some fresh air.

Another thing worth mentioning, this the very first shot we see of Kou! I know what you’re thinking. A girl introduced pantsu first in the first few minutes of episode 1? That sounds like an ecchi series! Yep, guess New Game is just an ecchi series after all


Aoba mimics the audience reaction, a mixture of shock and… excitement? Yeah, let’s just say that Kou’s panties got her excited. This shot also gives us a front view of what her panties look like. As you can see, there’s a tiny little blue ribbon and some adorable frills. This unusually cute pair hints that she might have more feminine personality traits than she initially lets on.

Aoba’s excitement continue as we get a very low key shot from the back. Not much to say here, but we get a nice look at her waistband.

Here we have Kou and Aoba’s fateful first meeting. Of course, Kou had to show up to this big moment in nothing but a shirt and her undies. Not that anyone is complaining!

Kou bends over to give us a better angle of her butt. It’s a not a huge bum, but it’s nicely shape that’s comfortable parked in her light blue panties.


Kou comfortable parades around in her panties without a hint of embarrassment for the rest of the scene. Which is cute in its own way. She doesn’t have any shame in showing off her pantsu butt, so feast your eyes on it as much as you want.

And finally, a bonus shot of the same pantsu from the October 2016 issue of Megami!

I mean, logically speaking the show isn’t focused enough on the fanservice to be called an out and out ecchi series. But boy… this show really loves panties. But hey, I love panties too! So what do I have to complain about? Nothing! That’s what.

And that’s it for this article. Let me know in the comments some of your favourite pantyshot moments! Who knows? Maybe I’ll do another article on Kou’s panties? Actually… yeah, I probably am gonna do that sometime. Spoiler alert.

Aaaanyway, see ya next time pantsu lovers!

Another Top 5 Anime Panties

More panties! Isn’t life great? This is less a sequel and more the 2nd half of the original post which you can read here.

So without further ado, let’s flip some skirts and look at some anime girls panties!

  1. Animal Print


    And the award for most embarrassing panties on this list goes to… animal print! Seriously, these girls are way too old to be wearing kiddy panties. Girls like this usually start off with a very uptight personality, as if they’re trying too hard to seem mature. But as soon as they accidentally show the animal on their butt to the whole school, everyone realises that they’re very childish on the inside. Their mature image has been completely shattered and the audience will never see them the same. Don’t feel too bad though Sohara, they’re really cute panties!

    You too Furan! Sorry to show off your panties again, but the audience and all the girls already saw them. We can also see your bum poking out of them. There’s no use hiding them, in fact why would you? They’re adorable! So what if they’re childish? Embrace your childish side, you’ll be cuter for it.

  2. Lacey

    Related image
    Moving from cute to sexy, we’re talking lacey panties. These leave very little to the imagination with their elaborate stitching that hides all the right places. When she’s not buck naked, the seductive Rias Gremory from High School DxD wears these panties and I can’t help but feel she knows the boys (And girls, no judgement on this blog) are loving every moment. These panties also do great in showing off her dominant side, letting any potential partners know that she doesn’t mind taking the lead (Yay! Femdom jokes!).

    Bakemonogatari - OP1 - Large 01
    These are also the signature pair of Tsubasa Hanekawa from the Monogatari series! The very first shot in Bakemonogatari is of her panties, which lets you know right away that the series is gonna be a good one.

  3. Frilly

    Aaaand back to a cute pair! Cute girly frills! Frilly panties give off a very soft, but also slightly fancy vibe. They might cost a bit more than a plain old pair, but those frills would drive anyone wild. What we have above is a great pantsu reveal scene from Love Tyrant where Guri pulls down Akane’s pants right in front of the boy that’s crushing on her! Best part is, she doesn’t mind! Maybe she’s secretly proud of them? Well, I don’t wanna spoil the fun of the series. Go watch it yourself! Not illegally though. Please, we need more pantsu anime.

    [Moozzi2] Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+! [AT-X Ver.] - 01 (BD 1920x1080 x.264 FLACx3).mkv_snapshot_00.32
    Moving on from a pantsing to a more tranditional pantyshot, here we have a gust of wind showing off the adorable lace on the panties of Ui Wakana from My Wife is the Student Council President. What a beautiful sight huh? Well this is only one pair of Ui’s adorable panties that you get to see, but it’s a particularly nice one. One that she definitely didn’t want you to see. Oops! Sorry Ui! I saw them. In fact, we all did.

    [Moozzi2] Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+! [AT-X Ver.] - 01 (BD 1920x1080 x.264 FLACx3).mkv_snapshot_00.45

  4. Stockings

    This one is less a style of panties and more a style of wearing them, but they’re prevalent enough in anime that they warrant a mention. This adds another layer on top of the panties that, like lacey panties and G-Strings, play up the sexiness. They vary in colour, but either way they do a great job of showing off a girl’s curves in style, as shown here by Haruko Amaya from Maken-ki! whose signature stocking over panties style is her best feature.

    Here is another example from… *gasp* Oniichan no koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne. Or, ‘I Don’t Like You At, All Big Brother!!’. While the character designs in this show are a bit weird, it’s absolutely packed with pantyshots including an entire episode of stocking on pantsu action. I’d say more, but seeing that booty squeeze into that pair of stockings alone should be enough to sell you on them. Just… beautiful. No… bootyful.

  5. Polka Dots

    High School DxD OVA 03 Koneko, a Bit More Bold... Mreow [English Subbed] (BDRip 1080p AC3 10bit).mkv_snapshot_02.28
    Closing off our list is the adorable Koneko Toujo from High School DxD showing off her irresistable polka dot panties. Though not as childish as animal print, polka dots on an anime girl’s butt are usually a sign of immaturity. But I mean that in the best way possible. They’re so cute! It’s no wonder Koneko was so eager to take off her skirt.

    And of course there’s Ryona from the Senran Kagura series. Yeah, it’s cheating a bit, but they’re really adorable aren’t they? Ryobi smacks her on the butt for carelessly exposing them. First off, we can see your panties in the first shot too Ryobi. They’re pure white, and they’re also super adorable. Second, why be ashamed of polka dots? Quite frankly they’re some of the cutest pairs of panties around.

    Alright, fine? You want another proper anime example? Here’s Koneko again, putting on her bloomers. I bet you’re much happier now that you’ve seen some panties huh?


Anyway, that’s all for this list! This caps off the two part series on best anime panties I’d written up, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the last list of this kind! Let me in the comments or hit me up on my Twitter @LewdPosting. I absolutely love talking about panties, and I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts! I’ll continue to post on this blog even if no one reads it, but your continued support will motivate me to do better. With that out of the way, see you guys later!

Also, one last word of advice for 2D anime girls. If you hear a gust of wind and you’ve got a short skirt on, don’t worry if people see your panties! You might have just made a lot of people happy.

Top 5 Anime Panties

In anime and manga, panties are a girl’s biggest secret. It’s the truest reflection of their personality. That’s why they don’t want you to see them. Unfortunately, their secret is out! Their panties have been exposed for the world to see. And now I’m gonna rank them…. in no particular order. All pantsu is good.

  1. Plain Panties


    Simple is best when you’re trying to woo the boys. Plain white panties show a girl’s innocence, and innocent is the perfect way to describe Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos who bent over and accidentally gave the guy she’s crushing on a nice look at her adorable pantsu butt.

    Aika from Shomin Sample also has on an equally soft and adorable pair that you just know she loves wearing. The nice fabric and the tiny little pink ribbon show a more girly side of her brash personality. You can almost feel how comfy she is wearing thrm

    Plan white panties with a little ribbon show that you don’t need patterns or lace to get the boys excited. Though if that’s your thing, the next few might be more to your taste

  2. Shimapan

    Who doesn’t love shimapan!? It might be the anime fandom’s favourite pantsu! The stripes of various colours bring out a girl’s butt like no other pair can, as demonstrated by Mitsuki Sohara from Heaven’s Lost Property. It helps that Sohara’s wiggly butt is cute in the first place, but this pair brings out it shape very well.

    Sohara might be embarrassed if she knew we saw her panties, but Francesca Lucchini from Strike Witches wears them on her cheeky bum like a badge of honour! Of course, everyone’s panties are on full display at all times in this show. But this girl loves showin’ them off even more than the others!

  3. G-String

    Going from the pure and innocent to pure sex, next up are G strings. Unlike the plain and shimapan, a girl likely doesn’t wear this for comfort. She wears it because she wants to look sexy. Perhaps Stella Vermillion from Chivalry of a Failed Knight wants to win over a certain boy? Who knows?

    15 - ZU7gSKJ
    Akeno from High School DxD definitely has a boy in mind when she puts on this pair, and she’s got a high success rate. Sure her boobs are great and all, but those panties ride up her butt so nicely that it’s hard to ignore. Not mention it works perfectly when paired with some dark black stockings.

  4. Print Panties

    “No Senpai, this is our-
    How embarrassing! Yukina from Strike the Blood goes from calm and cool to blushing tsundere schoolgirl the moment her panties are exposed. She DEFINITELY didn’t want you to see them, but you did. And they’re super cute! Her adorable red print panties are on full display whether she likes it or not, and that boy she just met definitely saw them

    On the other hand, Hitagi Senjougahara from the Monogatari series doesn’t care if you look at her panties. Stare all you want at her sexy butt, and the scissor panties that perfectly reflect her personality. It’s a nice pair of panties AND it tells you something about the character. It’s the best of both worlds!

  5. Strawberry Print

    Wanna see my panties
    Rebounding from sexy to TOTALLY adorable, we’ve got strawberry panties! Here we’ve got Tsukasa Nishino from Ichigo 100% showing off her adorable ichigo pantsu! The whole series revolves around strawberry panties, and who can blame the author? Whether she wants you to see her panties or not, the strawberry print does well in bringing out the butt and showing a cute side to the girl.

    Who else wears strawberry panties? Why the adorable Koneko Toujo from High School DxD does! She wears all number of adorable pairs (We’ll get to them in a future list) but her strawberry panties are the most reflective of the cute side that hides beneath her stoic expression

And that’s all for this list! I’ve already selected some pairs for another list like this in the future, but let me know in the comments what some of your favourites are! F-For a future list. N-Not because I want stare at their panties… dummy.

Best Pantyshot Moments in Anime – Kotori’s pink shimapan from Date A Live


Date A Live is a fun show that’s fairly low on fanservice, but still a decent watch with some very nice ecchi moments every now and then.

The best one actually comes from the very first episode! I still remember everyone watching the show losing their minds over this incredibly adorable pantyshot when the show was airing. I was in the denial stage of my ecchi love, but even I was secretly in love with this totes adorb booty.

I’d start by introducing her name and face, but this girl gets introduced booty first


What an amazing pantyshot right off the bat! The soft look gives off the feeling that this girl’s adorable butt is nicely parked in the comfiest, cutest pair of panties ever made. She loves her panties, and she doesn’t care if you see them. So she carelessly bounces around as her skirt flutters giving everyone a nice view of her striped pink panties.



Now we get another nice closeup on her pink shimapan butt. This time, we can see the creases in her panties more clearly. Her butt fills out those panties really nicely, and the director wants you to see this. Though the way she’s jumping might have made them ride up her butt a little, because you can see a little bit of her bum poking out from the bottom. How cute!



Who might this adorable pair of panties belong to? Why it’s Kotori Itsuka, the adorable little sister of the lead character! There’s a side of her personality we don’t know yet, but at first glance she looks exactly like the kind of girl who’d love wearing pink shimapan with her red twintails, a nice sailor style school uniform and a skirt that’s just a liiiitle bit too short. Who knows? Maybe she wants people to see her panties?



Just when we think the pantsu onslaught is over, Kotori leaps into the air and…




Kotori’s panties come out again! This time, the camera really zooms in as a sparkle sound effect plays. That’s how you know a pantyshot is special. The creases and the fabric are fully visible giving yet another look at how her booty fills out her panties. The pink stripes bring out her ultra girly charm. It’s overall an incredibly girly pair of panties which fits her personality perfectly!

This is a great pantyshot moment because it’s more like three pantyshots in one. While this is probably the most paused scene in the entire show, you’d get a nice big look at it even if you didn’t. Kotori’s pink shimapan will be burned into your memory!

Congratulations Kotori! We don’t get to see this side of her often, but I’d like to think that she’d be overjoyed to learn that her adorable panties won her an award of any kind.


Best Pantyshot Moments in Anime – “I love Teddy Bears!” from Maken-ki!

Pantyshots really are one of the best things about anime. A situation that would be awkward and embarrassing in real life instantly becomes amazing and guilt free in the context of anime where it’s all fun and no one can get hurt. When the girl’s skirt flips up and you see that flash of white, it’s like you saw something you weren’t meant to see. It’s even cuter when the girl gets embarrassed because you know that she really didn’t want you to see them. As a pantsu connoisseur (Or at least someone who likes to think they are) I thought I’d go ahead start a series going over some of my favourite pantyshots. Get your pause button ready, because these girls skirts are gonna fly!

The Moment


Maken-ki! is a really fun series and one of my favourite ecchi anime. Partly because it’s a great source of pantsu. Don’t believe me? Just look at Funimation’s Blu-ray cover.


Two pantsu butts (One bare butt with shimapan and the other with stockings), a nice pantsu crotch shot and a little peek at Inaho’s adorable pink number. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see more of that if you watch the series.



But this isn’t about Inaho, this is about Furan and the pantyshot that basically defined her personality whether she wanted it to or not. Furan is set up to be very prudish. But when she starts lecturing the two leads on ‘decency’ or whatever (Y’know, that boring student council stuff) a gust of wind suddenly appears.


Furan Panties

The camera, every so courteous, pans down to give us all the full scope of the situation that Furan probably didn’t want us to see


Furan Panties

When Furan’s skirt flips up, her adorable white panties are on full display! The way her crotch pokes through, the frills and the ribbon make this an oddly adorable pair of undies. Maybe this straight laced girl has a cute side? Yep, and what we see next is a side of Furan that she definitely didn’t want us to see.


Furan Panties

Furan is suitably embarrassed, something that the audience is told through her blushing expression. So she turns around in an effort to cover up her panties.


Furan Panties

Unfortunately for her, she happens to be a character in an ecchi series. So this gust of wind won’t let up on revealing her true self and completely destroying her mature image. In fact, the most embarrassing part comes when they pan over to her butt.


Furan Panties

This mature, straight laced girl wears teddy bear panties! How embarrassing! Of course, it’s a very nicely shaped butt which the panties do well in bringing out. But the bear on her butt shows a childish side of her personality to the audience that they’ll never forget. Unfortunately for her, we weren’t the only ones who got to see her panties.


Furan PantiesFuran Panties

“I love teddy bears!” remarks Inaho.”Oh my goodness” remarks Haruko. “I’m shocked, I’d have bet money you wore granny panties” remarks Himegami.

Ironic considering since she was equally embarrassed when her favourite panties were exposed in the last episode.


Furan Panties

Don’t worry Himegami! Your white panties were adorable too.


Furan Panties

Unfortunately for Furan, her childish taste in panties becomes a running gag in the show. So the audience and the other characters get several nice long looks at them.




But you never forget your first, and Furan’s first pantyshot is the best of them all. A nice view of the front and back combined with a pure white design that really brings out her soft, plushy butt. And don’t forget that teddy bear which all the other girls saw. So embarrassing! But so cute! I think even Furan would have to agree with that.